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Rapid Typing Tutor is a program for Windows that helps you type PC to learn how to type, no matter what kind of format keyboard.

Learn how to type can be quite a wonderful experience for newcomers. Most keyboards are placed in alphabetical order, so maybe its format is edrychanodd for those unfamiliar with it. Fast typing tutor there to help, though. Whether you have tastaturuKVERTI regular or something a little less traditional, All Fast Tutor Tipingtebigvedi your keyboard formats are stored and available for use in the typing lessons. The lessons also dodmewn wide range of different languages ​​other than English.

When you select your language and keyboard settings, it’s time to select the most appropriate lesson for your skill level. Fast Tutor Tiping has all of the most basic lekcijaNeki higher. You can choose to have a lesson to teach you your letters Leos or specific lessons to learn how to type gairsetiau else.

typingFast tutor is being set up is quite convenient, as it offers a virtual keyboard, and a pair of hands that show the proper location for the hands on the keyboard itself. Then follow the instructions on the screen. Fast TipingBydd Tutor makes noise if you hit the wrong ključ.Ako this becomes a nuisance, mute option for the program. If you want more screen mode only learn to type, Quick Tutor Tiping offers step forward animeiddiedigsi’n screen every time you clickthe correct letter.

The only real intervention to ddefnyddwyrMae with Fast Tutor Tiping a program that will lead to a large amount of space screen. It is also sometimes freezes in a minute or two of the screen, especially when we have several programs running at once.

If you want to learn how to type faster, however, the Tutor Fast Tipingrhoi offer.


Problemaugida font Curve, on some versions of non-English Windows, fixed;

symbols table shown always a lesson;

kursEngleskiexperts so far;

Greek experts updating course (additional tabulation symbols); thanks to German, Russian language interface Groega’r so far;

Other minor bugs fiked;

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